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Imagine a journey where you not only gain new skills but also enhance the ones you already possess.
That's exactly what BGA for Life x Miles, our upskilling and reskilling programme, is all about. 

Discover Miles in the Sky 

Meet Miles in the Sky, an offshoot of 42 Lisboa, a leading name in the world of programming education. Recognising the fast-paced nature of today's job market, the team at 42 Lisboa ventured into offering specialised short courses in programming. Designed with flexibility in mind, their courses were originally focused on B2B, crafted for those eager to upskill and reskill in tech minus the traditional academic hurdles. 

Our Exciting Partnership 

At BGA for Life, we're passionate about lifelong learning. We've already shaken things up with our Unique Pathway programme, creating alternative learning routes to traditional university degrees. Now, we're super excited to team up with Miles in the Sky! Their dedication to lifelong learning mirrors our mission at BGA for Life, making this partnership a perfect match. Together, we're committed to helping you stay ahead, evolving with a world that never stops changing. 

Get ready for some game-changing experience!

BGA for Life is joining hands with Miles in the Sky to bring their top-notch tech short courses straight to the individual, all tailored to fit your unique learning style. It's more than just a course; it's a personalised journey designed to equip you with the skills you need. With us, you'll enjoy a blend of online and in-person learning, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging educational adventure. Don't miss out—join us and take your learning experience to new heights! 

Professional Tracks

Professional tracks are broader programs that provide a foundational skill set applicable across a range of technologies and industries. Our programmes represent the intersection of technology, creativity, and business. Their high job potential stems from the increasing reliance of industries on digital platforms, the growing importance of data in strategic decision-making, and the emphasis on user-centered design in product development.  

Web Development 

The internet is the backbone of the modern economy, supporting numerous business operations. As such, web development emerges as a critical skill set. Web developers are essential for building and maintaining digital platforms, making their skills highly sought after. 

UX/UI Design 

UX/UI Designers play a critical role in ensuring that digital products are not only functional but also intuitive and engaging. By merging technical expertise with creative flair, UX/UI designers create interfaces that enhance user satisfaction and accessibility. 

Data Science 

Data scientists extract valuable insights from data sets, helping organisations make informed decisions, optimise operations, and tailor services to customers. Their ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence makes them invaluable in sectors like finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and technology. 

Certification Tracks

Certification programmes offer focused, tool-specific knowledge and are often industry-recognised, making them ideal for professionals looking to specialise or advance in specific technological domains. Our certificate will validate your expertise in using a platform or software, giving you in-depth knowledge about its specific functionalities and the best practices. 


OutSystems developers specialise in using the OutSystems platform to rapidly design, deploy, and manage responsive web and mobile applications. OutSystems developers are crucial in sectors like finance, healthcare, retail, and government, providing scalable and efficient solutions. 

Why BGA for Life x Miles?

Hybrid Learning for Flexibility and Impact 

Our courses offer a unique hybrid approach, combining online and in-person sessions, providing flexibility for Learners. Experience the convenience of online learning while benefiting from valuable in-person interactions to enhance your educational journey. 

Empowerment for Every Career Path

Unlike traditional courses that focus on specific job placements, our program empowers you to be highly employable across various roles. Gain universal skills that make you an asset in any professional setting, ensuring your success and adaptability in a dynamic job market. 

Affordable Excellence in Education

We prioritise accessibility without compromising quality. Our courses are priced competitively, ensuring that high-quality education is within reach. Experience excellence in learning without the financial burden. 

Open Doors, No Prerequisites Required 

Break barriers to education with our no-prerequisites approach. Our courses welcome Learners from all backgrounds, creating an inclusive environment where anyone with the passion to learn can thrive. 

Learn Anywhere, Start Anytime 

Dive into learning with just a computer—no complex tech required. Our courses are designed to embrace beginners, ensuring a seamless start to your educational journey without the need for specialised equipment. 

Balancing Work and Growth 

Juggle your professional commitments while investing in your growth. Our courses are structured to accommodate working professionals, providing the flexibility to enhance your skills without disrupting your current career.

Time-Efficient Learning for Busy Lives 

We understand your time is precious. Our courses require approximately 15 hours per week, allowing you to efficiently invest in your education while managing other responsibilities. 

Tailored Live Sessions for Work-Life Harmony 

Enjoy live sessions, peer interactions, and collaborative learning—all scheduled conveniently after working hours. We prioritize your work-life balance, ensuring you can engage in meaningful sessions without compromising your professional commitments. 

Guided Excellence with Personalised Coaching 

Elevate your learning experience with the support of a dedicated Learning Coach alongside your course Expert. Benefit from personalised guidance, mentorship, and tailored insights, ensuring you reach your full potential on your educational journey. 

Learn with the best, from the best.

DGERT Certification Number: C5888