Why BGA ?

At Brave Generation Academy we believe in the power of education.

The rigid one-size-fits-all approach of traditional schooling fails to adapt to children's individual needs. Through our holistic approach, we utilise their motivations and passions to identify the most effective learning method, in order to unlock their full potential.

We offer both the British International (available for Learners from 12 years old) and US curriculum (available to Learners from 11 years old) within our learning model, opening the doors to universities around the world.

Providing a wide range of traditional and modern disciplines, we empower Learners for academic, professional and personal success.

What Can You Expect?

  1. Hybrid Model - Online
    We use technology to leverage education, with 24/7 learning access plus guidance and feedback from our Course Managers.
  2. Hybrid Model - Offline
    Our Hubs present a diverse range of co-learning spaces, fostering an immersive peer-to-peer atmosphere where Learners can thrive with constant support from their Learning Coaches.
  3. Accredited
    Our curriculum is accredited by Edexcel-Pearson and internationally recognised, allowing Learners to access universities around the world.
  4. Skills
    A unique approach to education guarantees the development of important skills that go beyond academics. We transform students into Learners and prepare them for a fast-changing future.

We're in:



We have a BGA Hub within Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence CSE.


You can locate our local Admissions Office through the link below:


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International Hubs


Current Brave Learners

Empowering the next generation of great leaders. Now in Kenya.

Affordable Education
for a Brighter Future

At BGA, prices vary based on the country to which you are
applying, but the structure is the same:

  • One-time Admission Fee

    Paid after the onboarding meeting is complete.
  • Annual Registration Fee Renewal

    An annual fee paid after the completion of the Learner's first year and in subsequent years.
  • Fixed Monthly Fee per Curriculum

    Our price does not vary in accordance with subject quantity, however it can fluctuate depending on the chosen curriculum.

We offer discounts for siblings and upfront payments. Check out our fees.

Meet the Team

Together, we will redefine education, foster personal growth, and empower Learners to become fearless and influential individuals 

Umita Melwani
India Development Director (+91) 984 544 3873